Friday, March 29, 2013

How To Write Simple HTML Code For Posting Link To Your Blog
I have noticed most times in some blog where some bloggers try to post a link to their blog by simple click but end up just typing the blog address and readers find it difficult to click it to connect directly to the required blog address. Am writing here just two (2) easy steps to do for your link to be easily accessed by readers of other blogs like Linda Ikeji, Trendy Sturvs, and so on.

1. If you are using a mobile phone or not, just try to memorize this simple code below when posting

<a href="">Get the latest IT info here</a>

Now remember that you can write whatever you want to comment about the topic of the post right before <a or after a> of the code above. For example, if you are just posting the code as seen above on the comment box of any blog, it will look like what you see on the image below

But if you decide to add words concerning the topic of the post before your link with the sample below

Wow oh, Tuface is look great on his wedding suite, please haters stop the beef cos its not good for your health. Meanwhile <a href="">Get the latest IT info here</a>

then it will look like this

 NOTE: Remember where you need to edit on the above sample are the BOLD ITALIC words.

2. The next one to do which happens to be the easiest, is using your blog compose box and type your message (post) with the required LINKS and just click HTML. It will automatically convert your writeup to HTML format and paste it on the comment box. Remember to always preview to see how it will look like before posting.

If you have any question feel free to comment below or email me. PEACE

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