Friday, March 29, 2013

Previously I wrote about Facebook Security, if you miss it then read it HERE. Recently kidnapping has been taken to facebook, read it HERE, am writing/teaching you another trick to protect yourself online (Facebook). Below are some ways to help you protect yourself and your Facebook Account from bad guys online, being online is like being in public, forget the computer or phone you are using.

1. AVOID TOO MUCH PICTURES: There are a lot of people (mostly girls) who love posting their pics online like something I can’t even explain. Some have more than 50 pics in one album and they have more than 10 albums where both their family pics are stored. It is nice but very risky these days, most FRAUDSTERS are using these pics to defraud others online without you knowing. If you need to update your pics, try removing previous ones.

2. SET LOGIN ALERTS: Do you know you can set alert to your phone or email to alert your when you or someone login or try to login to your computer? On your facebook page (mobile or web version), click SETTINGS then click SECURITY, now enable these features SECURE BROWSING, TEXT MESSAGE LOGIN NOTIFICATION, LOGIN APPROVAL ON and EMAIL LOGIN NOTIFICATION. Now go back to SETTINGS, you can go to PRIVACY and adjust those that can see your next post like I explained previously, you can also edit the SHARING ON FACEBOOK SETTINGS to determine who can view your things you share like your Birthday (set to Friends except restricted), Contact Info (Address-Only me, Phone-Only me, Email-Only me), these are some of your vital information that are use in identity theft.
You can also set Timeline and Tagging and Limit the Audience for Past Post then Block Those You Don’t Want Anymore. On your SETTINGS TAB, you can Click TEXT MESSAGING and others to edit them there and be more secure online. Remember you may be enjoying the number of comments pouring on your daily post now but most of them (friends) are IDENTITY THIEF! Remember don’t ever give anyone your contact details be it email, phone number or address, if they have anything important they can inbox you and most facebook job offers are scam. 

3. LIMIT YOUR COMMENT ONLINE: There are a lot of facebook page today that are out there, about 40% of them are “admin” by SCAMMERS. Yes, I agree with you, they post things that are funny, sympathetic stories or prayers. Have you ever asked yourself why they always want you to like or comment with Amen (Remember not all) to claim it? Now this why most of them want you to comment, your beautiful pictures will be useful in a dating site you not aware of (many Nigerians are only use to Facebook and Twitter because they browse with their phone only). They go through your profile to know what you like, your interest and groups you belong to. They will strategize to get you if you are a potential victim or just keep stealing your pictures, most times it will take them months to get your attention/trust and thereafter unleash their venom on you, many guys have been dupe by girls online via sending of AIRTIME or other means.

4. GROUP ALL YOUR FRIENDS: One of the best way to be safe online is Group Your Friends, how to do that is for you to go to Your Friends List, then click on a friend you want to set on a list and scroll down and click manage lists (This work better when using mobile or with your browser type the URL as Select the list you want him/her to belong (I advice you select only one). If you don’t want to block or delete a friend, just go there and place the friend on RESTRICTED LIST. He can’t see your update again as long as you don’t post with PUBLIC OPTION.

5. ALWAYS SEARCH FOR OTHER USERS WITH SAME NAME WITH YOU: This is another trick that is going on now; they monitor your online activities on facebook all the time. What they do is that they create a facebook account with your complete info and your profile picture then they start to add their targeted victims who happen to be your friend and most times those that are trying to get your attention by going out with you but you have refused them. So they start to send inbox messages as if your are now giving them “green light” (UNKNOWN TO YOU). They will then start to ask of money from those your friends thinking that they are actually talking to real you. When it’s done on them that they have been duped, they start to accuse you. WHAT CAN YOU DO? If you suspect anyone with such character, Alert all your friends and if possible with the link to disclaim that account and warn them not to respond to their message or friend invite, block that friend or place him/her in RESTRICTED FRIENDS LIST so he can’t see your update anymore in as much as you post with the option FRIENDS and not PUBLIC. READ A SCAM MESSAGE HERE

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