Saturday, April 5, 2014

Check if Email Address Exists or is Valid at

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When I got to know about Gmail, my first selection of username is obviously but then the registration page reports that “Someone already has that username” so I had to choose another username. I was shocked to know that Google actually reserves the username Alex because I just found out that the username is still not yet being taken! One logical way to test whether an email address is valid or not is by sending a test email to the recipient email address. If the email bounces back immediately, then it means that the email address is not valid while if you’re not getting anything in return after waiting for a few minutes, then the email address probably exist.

I tried sending a test email to and within a couple of seconds I got a response from Mailer Daemon saying that “The email account that you tried to reach does not exist”. Even if I work for Google, I don’t think they will allow me to use the username because they would require me to register my last name in the username. Anyway, other than sending a test email to check the email address validity, an alternative better method is to verify the email address at

There are a few other online services that offers email address verification but I find that is more accurate and superior when compared with its competitors. One good example is most online email checkers fails to check Yahoo email address validity because Yahoo servers always states that the checked email address is always a valid email address. However I’ve tested a couple of valid and invalid Yahoo email address at and somehow it is able to determine if the Yahoo email address is valid or not.
To verify an email address validity with, visit’s webpage located from the link at the end of this article, enter the email address that you want to check at the “Enter an email to try it” box and click the “verify” button. Within seconds you will get a popup with the result.
Email Checker Online
It is able to report if the email is:
  • Valid – email address passes all tests.
  • Invalid – email address does not exist.
  • Unknown – domain accepts all requests.
  • Unknown – email is disposable email address (DEA).
  • Unknown – email is grey listed – try again in 5 mins.
  • Unknown – email cannot be verified (other reasons).
Checking a single email address at is always free but if you need to verify a list of email address in batches automatically, then they do offer a few paid packages to serve that purpose.

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