Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Use Two Gmail Accounts on Your Android Phone

Google's free Gmail is a powerful and capable email client that can do much more than just send and receive email. For those who use more than one Gmail account, you may have wondered if you could have more than one Gmail account on your Android phone. Well, you can and here are the steps to make it happen.

(Note, this process is geared for Android 2.2 and above.)

Press the Gmail icon on your desktop. Since you already have one Gmail account set up, this shortcut will either be on your desktop or in your application listing. When you first set up your Android phone, you either set up a Google account or tied into your existing account.

Screen Shot step 2 

Press the Menu key on your Android phone. Doing so will bring up a dialog box of options on the bottom of your screen.
Once the menu list appears,press the "Account" button. This will show you what Gmail accounts are assigned to your Android phone.
Screen Shot of the Add Account shortcut 
Press Add Account. Once pressed, a listing of all your currently synced Gmail accounts will appear on your screen. You can only add Gmail accounts in this menu.
To add non-Gmail email accounts, you will need to use a different process, because you don't do it through the Gmail app.

Screen Shot of Gmail creation 
Follow the simple steps to set up a second (or third) Gmail account Once you press the Add Account shortcut in Step 3, Google will guide you through the rest of the process of creating another Gmail account. Once created, it will be linked to your Android phone and you can send and receive emails from both Gmail accounts.
Having more than one Gmail account can greatly add in your personal productivity. I use one Gmail for personal and one of business. This distinction allows me to separate my business and personal lives and also helps me "shut down my business mode" when on vacation or with my family.
The more I use Gmail, the more I discover how useful and powerful it is. 

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