Thursday, November 5, 2015

Skype gets in on the social game with its own ‘share’ button for websites

Image via Skype
Image via Skype
The social sharing bar is about to get even more crowded. According to GEEKWIRE reportage, Microsoft’s Skype is making a bid for that precious digital real estate with the rollout of its own Skype share button, designed to be displayed alongside similar buttons from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest and others.

Skype’s button was rolled out yesterday 4th November 2015 morning in partnership with another Microsoft property, MSN, which is adding the button worldwide. The company is also partnering with in India, and encouraging third-party site owners to add a customizable Skype share button to their websites.
Clicking on the button will open a window that lets Skype users send a link and optional message to their Skype friends, with the potential to later launch into a Skype IM session or video or voice chat if the recipient wants to respond and talk about the content.
More info and details are available on the Skype blog. Here’s what the sharing box looks like.

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