Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Ways to avoid Viruses from your System

I have discussed about Viruses, Worms and Trojans, now I am going to talk about ways to avoid these harmful elements from your system. Viruses exploit your system in some or other way, you need to be very precocious about it. These are definitely easy to avoid but fatal to ignore. So, do not ignore your system. Don't let Viruses harm your system.

Here are few ways or tips that you can follow to avoid Viruses:

10 Ways to avoid Viruses from your System

1) Use good quality antivirus software:
Using a good quality anti-virus software is very important to protect your system from viruses. If you are using free or trial versions then your system is definitely at risk!
2) Always update your antivirus software:
To protect your PC from getting infected by newly born viruses you need to update your antivirus softwares database. Use auto-update facility.

3) Purchase or obtain software only from trusted sources
Cheaper softwares, that are much cheaper than the normal rate might not be very good to use. This kind of softwares poses many risks, including a higher risk of having one or more viruses. You must avoid such free and cheap softwares. This tip is relevant to softwares that are downloaded over the Internet, that come as attachments to email, or that is purchased at a store. 

4) Install anti-spyware applications:
Some times your anti-virus does not provide support for spy-ware protection, for this you need to purchase and install professional (paid) anti spy ware softwares.

5) Do not download files from untrusted resources:
You should not download files from untrusted resources, it increases the chance of getting viruses along with those files.

6) Avoid downloading community tool bars of untrusted sites:
This might also cause your system to caught by viruses. 

7) Use anti-virus to scan your email attachments:
This would protect your system from getting viruses through email.
Always make sure your email provider has a good spam filter.

8) Disable autorun:
One should always disable autorun, as it will avoid viruses to get in action. Viruses are executable programs, they infect the system once executed. You can disable autorun by following microsoft's guidelines: Link1  Link2

9) Do not click on email attachments:
Do not click on email attachments before they are scanned by your anti-virus program. Similarly do not forward such emails which may cause others to get infected by viruses.

10) Surf the internet Smartly:
Always be aware, do not do actions that may let your system be degraded. Always keep your Firewall on. Do not click on suspected links on web. Avoid visiting suspected websites which may give you some viruses as gifts.
Keep surfing, be safe, enjoy, have fun!!!

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