Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unable To Access Your Hard Drive or Memory Card?

You might sometimes face this problem; whenever you connect your drives(hard drive or memory cards) to your PC it asks for formatting; it flashes a message of Access Denied. Many of my readers have asked this question. They want to know how to handle this situation. Sometimes you get a message when you connect your memory card "Your card is corrupted". Many a times you get a message like this;

You have no choice left but to format it, BUT wait, there is one command promt technique that may be useful. A DOS command that checks your files, removes bad sectors and corrects the disk to make it usable.
Step1: Connect the device(drive)  to your PC

Step2: Go to Command Promt (Start Menu -> Run -> Type "CMD" Press Enter)
(In Command Promt)
Step3: type "chkdsk drivename: /r" press enter (@ the place of drive name type the drive name of your Card)
eg: chkdsk E: /r 

Step4: Press Y to continue you will start seeing the contents of your card.
At the end chkdsk will show you what it has done!
Now you can go to My Computer and access your card
If you still loose some files, you can make use of any recovery software. Even after chkdsk if you don't get access to your card, there is no option left other than formatting it.
But don't worry you can recover your files even after formating it. You only need to use a good recovery software.

There are alot of them today but let me mentioned "Recuva" a recovery utility. It is free to use. You can check this out here

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