Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Hide Files or Folders Using Command Prompt

Do you want to hide some important files?

Do you want to keep some of your folders very confidential that no one can see??

Not even by Changing the View settings to "Show Hidden Files and Folders"?


Here is the way to Hide Files or Folders Using Command Prompt. Once the file is hidden then it won't be shown in search, can not be seen in any way.

Suppose you have a folder named Test in your I: Drive and you want to hide it. So here is the procedure to be followed to hide it.


Follow the simple steps:

  1. Press windowkey+R to open RUN dialog box
  2. Now type "cmd" and hit enter to open Commad Promt Window
  3. Now type "attrib +s +h I:\Test" and hit enter.
  4. The folder "workdata" will be hidden (Now it cannot be viewed by any search options)
(To view this folder again, use the same command and replace '+' with '-' on both flags 's' and 'h' attrib -s -h I:\Test)

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