Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Facebook Security For Your Social Life Online

Facebook has recently introduced the new security button on its main navigation panel. You can see it in your Facebook profile. (at right side of Home)

This is a very useful action by Facebook, it should have been done long back as security has always been major concern while using Facebook. It was quite difficult for newbies and no-geeks to handle their Profile security. Now they can easily manage their profile security. 
Here is what Facebook offers in this newly introduced button:
When you click on the Security button (A lock with three horizontal lines), you will see three options.

1) Who can see my stuff?

Click on this option and you will see a menu:

The menu gives you four options as you can see in the figure:

a) Who can see my future posts?

From here you can manage who see you posts. You can make it for public, friends, friends of friends, only me or you can set selected people to see it.

b) Where can I review all my posts and things I am tagged in?

User activity log shows you all the activities on your timeline. If somebody tags you in a post or someone says he was with you in a photo, you can review everything from User Activity log.

c) What do other people see on my timeline?

From here you can see how your profile appears to others. You may have different security options for different group of friends. Your profile would appear different to college friends / corporate friends and family.

2) Who can contact me?

Click on this option and you will see:

From here you can manage how people can connect you on Facebook. There are two basic options:

a) Whose messages do I want filtered into my Inbox?

If you want messages strictly from your friends you should select second option (Strict Filtering). You won't see messages from any other Facebook user. Basic Filtering which is recommended lets you receive messages from your friends and people who you may (based on Facebook's records, friends of friends etc)

b) Who can send me friend requests?

If you do not want to receive unwanted friend requests, change it from Everyone to Friends of Friends. Only people having mutual friends will be able to send you a friend request. 

3) How do I stop someone from bothering me?

This is the last option, when you will click on it you will see an option to block someone. If somebody is bothering you on Facebook, sending you unwanted messages, tagging you in inappropriate posts and photos, then you can block that person. Simply put the name or email of the person you want to block, and press enter.

Watchout for my upcoming post about how to prevent your facebook id/password from being hacked and how people are using your pics to defraud others and facebook kidnapping too. Am still in my writing room, keep checking 

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