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How to Identify Fake and Original Samsung Galaxy Phones

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Advancement in technology in the field of mobile phones has done some tremendous change all over the world. We see every now and then a new handset release over the time with lots of new and improve features. But there is always a negative side of a picture, due to advancement in handset technology the fraud level is also increasing in this market.

There are plenty of people who sell fake or refurbished handset to the people by telling them that this is new handset, buyer believe in their words but after some days of use, the handset start giving different problems to the owner which create the person discouraged from the handset.
There are people who cuts off the important part of handset and place fake part back to the phone and the most important thing is that it is very much difficult task to realize the difference between real and original mobile phone because the there is no significance difference between both the handset. Only a person from the same company of handset or very well performed developers can only differentiate between the original and fake mobile phone.

Most of the time when we analyze the current market of handset we found that most cases of Fake or Refurbished mobile is found in the Samsung Handset. It is not the failure or mistake of Samsung Company it is the mistake of our own people and those fake Companies who is selling the fake or refurbished mobile phone.

What is Fake Samsung Galaxy or Refurbished Mobile phone?
Although when we put both the fake and original handset in front of any person he can’t differentiate between two because it look same at each and every manner. The design interface buttons hardware shapes everything looks same. But the main thing is the internal chips, and hardware tools which is change in the Fake or refurbished handset, they usually put the low quality chips back in the handset and they sell it again in the market.  There are very minor differences in real and fake Samsung galaxy. Below are the some of the useful methods to see whether your Samsung is galaxy is real or not.

There are many people sitting in the market who claims that they can check is it your mobile phone is original or not, but done believe on them. Most of the time they are also involve in these fake things and they just need your money and they will tell you wrong things about handsets.
One of the most useful and beneficial method of checking your handset that it is original or not is given below. Follow these steps.
  • Pick up your Samsung Galaxy handset (Galaxy s3, s4, s5, Note 1, Note 2 etc).
  • Go to the android play store.
  • In the search Bar type “Genuine Galaxy”..
  • click here to get this app.
android app

  • Install this app; Open it after it completes the installation process.
  • This application will automatically open and tells you about that your mobile phone is genuine means you are using original handset. But if it is showing that for example “I am afraid you are not using Galaxy s3” it means that you are using fake or refurbished handset.
  • The second option in this application is Benchmark, this is the test which if of two process test which will give you a full result that what percent in according to the other handset in the world is working properly.

There is also an another application of checking your handset is original and all the sensors, chips and mobile functions are operating smoothly. This application is known as “CPU Z”. It is freely available in the android play store. The good thing in this application is that you can use this application to verify all the android handset in the market as the previous application was only for the Samsung galaxy mobile phone.
cpu z
CPU Z application will allow seeing each and every minor functioning of your handset. You can check you much actual RAM is using by the handset. You can verify and check your sensors that it is working properly or not. Moreover this application will give you the original handset number plus IMEI number, handset model and all the basic info of your handset and you can analyze the result at the end.

Below there are some codes given, you can use an enter these pin codes in the dialer and check that if you have original samsung galaxy. The main thing in these codes is that these codes only work on the Factory original handset and if your handset is fake or refurbished these codes will let you know.
  • *#1234# (view SW version PDA, modem & CSC)
  • *#0*# (general test mode)
  • *#12580369# (SW & HW info)
  • *#197328640# (Service Mode)
  • *#0228# (ADC Reading)
  • *#32489# (Ciphering info)
  • *#232337# (Bluetooth Address)
  • *#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode).

Finally, in the last you can also recognize your handset that it is original or not by its external hardware interface. There are some minor changes in the original and fake Samsung galaxy which are discussed bellow.
  • One of the best method to check that you original Samsung galaxy  or not is to simply open your back panel of your mobile phone, it contain 10 screws at every corner most probably if there are 10 screws and each screw is fully tight it shows that your handset is never opened and you using an original one.
fake vs real samsung
  • To see whether your Battery is original Samsung made or not. Just plug the battery out of the phone and on the upper right corner there are 4 invertors which is always there in both original and fake phone but on the top left corner the original Samsung battery has a rectangular shape sensors, this is only avaliable in the original samsung galaxy, if this rectangular shape is there on your battery then you are using the official Samsung company battery.
battery fake vs orignal
  • There is a SIM CARD issue in most of the Samsung galaxy handset, sometime the SIM card doesn’t respond correctly or signals are very weak it is all because of the fake sim card. You can check and verify that your Samsung galaxy contain the original sim card or not. The original SIM slot have mention on its upper corner that this is sim slot but on the fake galaxy phone it is only a small piece of sim slot chip in which nothing is written.

sim slot fak vs real
  • The original Samsung handset has a small cylindrical metal binding around the mobile phone camera which shows that it is original.
camera fake vs real
  • The SD card slot in the original Samsung galaxy handset has different slot in the back of the mobile phone but if your SD card slot below the sim card slot there are the chances of refurbished or fake handsets.

In Conclusion, just take these other tips below into consideration.

1. The screen is too far from the edge.
(Cloned phones have a wide gap between the edge of the screen and the edge of the phone).
 2. The screen is not as bright and vibrant as the original device's
3. The Samsung logos are not smoothed out and can be felt; rubbing it will also remove the logo.
4.When the battery cover is opened, some of the small components do not match with the original ones
 5. The battery specifications are not the same.

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