Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How To Get Rid Of AutoPlay In Windows

Autoplay of media devices has always been a pain in the ass for windows users. It becomes irritating every time when it shows the Autoplay option whenever we connect any media device to our computer specially when we connect USB devices to load some files, and it gives you options of AutoPlay. Fortunately Windows has given the option to disable this autoplay feature. If it is really annoying you, then you must disable it. I am going to list the steps to be followed to disable Autoplay for media devices.

Step 1] Goto Control Panel

Step 2] Click on Autoplay

Disable autoplay 1

You will see these options:

Disable autoplay 2

Step 3] You need to un check the highlighted check box.Once you will un check it. Save the options and you are done!!!

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