Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Uninstall Any Program Completely From Your System

Every day we download new softwares and install them on our system, but after some time for different reasons we need to uninstall them. Here in this post I am going to show you different ways to uninstall your program that you don't need any more.

1) Traditional Add/Remove Programs utility
2) Third party softwares

The traditional add/remove programs is not that effective, it leaves many files in the system, it does not completely delete all the files. It leaves a lot of fragments like folders or registry files that are no longer needed. This garbage keeps on increasing and it badly affects the performance of your system. 
So if you want to completely remove programs then I would recommend some uninstaller programs.
So I am listing  a few softwares that you can use to uninstall a program completely.

Sorry pals, for most of the softwares you will have to go pro this time. They are not available for free except one, but you can try their trial versions.

1) Revouninstaller
2) Iobit Uninstaller(Freeware)
3) Cleanse Uninstaller Pro
4) Advanced Uninstaller Pro
5) Your Uninstaller

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